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In our quest to find purpose, meaning and direction in our lives, humanity has long looked to the stars for guidance. The logic of astrology resides in the fact that the planets are the only objects of permanence in our world. As our daily lives change and cycle, the planets remain steady in their orbits and repeat cycles and patterns as time evolves. The first recorded reference to the study of the planets is found 5000 years ago in the Hindu or Vedic cultures. Whereas Western or Arabic astrology embraced the concepts of astrology nearly 4000 years ago with roots in Chaldea; what is now known as Iraq and Iran. Astrologers equate personality traits with the birth place, date, and time of an individual. These data points formulate the basis of the astrology chart. Within the chart, the inter-relationship of the planets to each other formulate the unique qualities of each person. Part science and part art, astrology is undeniably accurate.

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