Weekly Mandala ~”Mercy, Mercy Me”

Mercy, Mercy Me”

© Chris Flisher

This mandala recalls the great song by the late Marvin Gaye. “Oh Mercy, Mercy Me, things ain ‘t what they used to be …” the song goes, referring to the sad shape of the ecology. Perhaps the ecology is better now than it was in 1972, but the concept of “mercy” remains potent. This simple Chinese symbol outlined in gold, floats on a backdrop of the graceful blue lotus. The backdrop of green reflects the earth and all its warmth and comfort, providing our daily needs and sustenance. Mercy is a powerful word. It implies kindness, compassion, empathy, and love, among others: all in one simple lilting word. Even the phonetics resonate nicely as they roll off the tongue.. say it “mercy, mercy, mercy.” Mercy is a quality we all need in our lives. Hectic, frenetic lives, full of cars and cell phones make us cranky and we forget a very simple thing such as mercy!

Have mercy on me.
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