Weekly Astrology ~ September 29, 2014 by Chris Flisher

Weekly Astrology ~ September 29, 2014 by Chris Flisher

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Week of September 29, 2014

The major news this week is the movement of two inner planets into new positions.  Anytime a planet moves into a different sign, or goes retrograde we can expect to feel the impact on the global stage as well as in our own personal arena.  The week begins with Venus moving into Libra, where she is the traditional ruler.  This, of course, makes sense as we think of Venus as pleasing and aesthetically attuned.  Beauty, color, texture, and presentation are all attributes highlighted by Venus and especially so in Libra.  Walk into any beauty salon and you are very likely to find an abundance of Librans willing to help you look your best.  This is the realm of Venus and this is the charm of the Libran.  Since Libra also imbues events with a sense of balance and proportion, we may be quite happy to see her ruling planet arrive in time to introduce an air of diplomacy and equanimity.  With the Sun also in Libra we may find all of these topics in the spotlight.  After all, if the planet is to evolve it can only do it with balance and an equal sense of proportion.

The other planet of note this week is Mercury.  Newly arrived in the sign of Scorpio, Mercury has spent a short time here before he decides its time to go retrograde.  While a Mercury retrograde usually only lasts roughly three weeks, we always have to consider what is known as the shadow period.  The shadow period comprises that area over which Mercury retrograded backwards and remains the shadow until the planet is completely out of the same territory it traversed while in the retrograde.  In this case Mercury will start its retrograde at 2 degrees Scorpio, and then work its way back into Libra until it reaches the 16 degree point of Libra.  The it will station direct and traverse over the same ground it just covered until it is fully out of the shadow and safely on its way at 3 degrees Scorpio which doesn’t occur until November 11.  So even though the technical retrograde is only three weeks, when we take into account the shadow period it actually looks more like closer to five weeks.  While the shadow period is not as influential, you should still heed caution during that time and avoid or postpone all the usual Mercury communication things if possible.  One interesting point about this retrograde is that Mercury will cojoin, the Sun and Venus during its backwards motion.  This may provide the perfect opportunity for a re-consideration.  What does that look like?  A Re-consideration of hostility, i.e. Iraq, Ukraine, Gaza, or simply a re-thinking of motive.  A retrograde always forces us to re-view all that we do.  A second glance may be all that is necessary to right a wrong.

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Weekly Astrology ~ September 29, 2014 by Chris Flisher

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