Weekly Astrology ~ September 22, 2014 by Chris Flisher

Weekly Astrology ~ September 22, 2014 by Chris Flisher

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We all have the potential to feel the abundance of Jupiter this week as it slips into a pleasing alignment with unpredictable Uranus.  These two powerful outer planets both offer the promise of a pleasant surprise.  With Jupiter, known for grand gestures, and Uranus recognized for innovation; “tell me something good,” might be our collective mantra.  However, the significant key to this combination resides in the presence of Jupiter.  While this planet is historically associated with harmonious events, it also amplifies all that it engages.  Amplify is the important word, because that can also mean inflame; especially as Jupiter is in fire sign Leo after all.  With Uranus in fire-sign Aries we might expect a grand event that literally turns up the heat on events.  While the association between Jupiter and Uranus is considered a harmonious angle, known as a trine, we have come to understand Jupiter can be both auspicious and over-powering.  With revolution clearly in the air, what surprises might we expect as these two planets form a connection?  If it is an act of aggression we can expect it to be sudden and expansive.  If it is a turn towards an unlikely outcome we could hope for a major breakthrough; something that may have looked unlikely just weeks ago.  Such is fate; fickle as a feather in the wind.

As the Sun enters into Libra early in the week, we might strive for balance and a diplomatic solution.  After all. a new Moon follows quickly mid-week and it may tilt our emotions towards that desired outcome.  Briefly forming a sextile to Jupiter, the Moon may tip the scales towards harmony in the most unpredictable manner.  We can only hope.  The Moon stares across the zodiac at the volatile and relentless planet of Uranus and we may only be able to hold our collective breath until the geometry of the cosmos shifts.  Of course it will and does.  Growth through adversity seems to be how we form impressions, remember mistakes, make corrections, and ultimately move forward.  Much will be revealed over the coming weeks as we lead up to a Lunar Eclipse at 15 degrees Aries, a placement that appears fraught with potential.  Since Aries is a cardinal sign that initiates, we can expect a departure from the norm.  All of that is exacerbated, again by the presence of Uranus at the same point.  Remember, Uranus pulls rabbits out of his hat, so we can only imagine what this emotional combination may deliver.  When we cast Pluto in Capricorn into the fiery mix we might witness a bold, unprecedented order; a new world order.  Change partners.

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Weekly Astrology ~ September 22, 2014 by Chris Flisher

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