Weekly Astrology September 2, 2013

Week of September 2, 2013 By Chris Flisher

By week’s end, the Sun will be passing through the middle degrees of Virgo and we feel the full immersion of that detail and service-oriented sign.  When we stop to look at Virgo, we see the servant.  Health care workers, doctors and those who help others are common trades for Virgo’s whose role seems so perfect for the obliging and empathic Virgoan.  And we need that spirit and support in our lives right now.  At this degree the Sun will be in an exact sextile to Jupiter at 15 degrees Cancer.  Sextiles are widely considered favorable and we may be able to feel the gentle merger of the Cancerian Jupiter as warm and comforting under the influence of the Virgo Sun.   This may be an ideal time to pause and reflect on what has occurred over recent months.  The new Moon at 13 degrees Virgo allows us to set our sights on discretion, dialog and details; all traits of the Virgo.

Jupiter’s role during this time should  be understated since the planet of optimism and expansion has not been in Cancer for 12 years.  Since Jupiter is exhalted in Cancer it is very useful to know where Cancer is in your chart.  That is where you will have the greatest impact and chance for growth.  Since not all of our charts are the same you must investigate and see where the action is so you can act accordingly.  With Uranus in retrograde motion until December we can expect sensitive points that were triggered to be reignited as the mighty trickster planet goes backwards and retreads old ideas.  Where Uranian events were active a few months back we should see the same type of action over the coming months until the planett of surprises and innovation turns and moves forward once again and brings light back to those same points it touched throughout the summer.  The second time around does give us an opportunity to re-think our responses and possibly come to a different conclusion.  And that may be just the point of it all.

True astrology comes from accuracy.  When you know the exact details of your chart, you get the instructions for your own particular journey.  These are the instructions.  Like an operators manual. Using birth date, place and time you see where the action is in your life.  Accurate, predictable, validating, in short, astrology works.  I have been working with charts and the planets for years and the timing and action is real and validating beyond belief.  Listen each week to “Turning of the Wheel” on Contact Talk Radio at 11:00 AM.  The shows are then podcast on iTunes for later in the week.  Write to me for a reading chris@chrisflisher.com or visit my website at www.turningofthewheel.com.

©2013 Chris Flisher

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