Weekly Astrology ~ November 11, 2013

Week of November 11, 2013

Activity of this week includes the station of Neptune.  A station describes the time when a planet leaves a retrograde period and moves forward.  Neptune is a slow-moving outer planet and has been retrograding (moving backwards by degree) since June 8th of 2013.  Neptune rules dreams, illusions, fantasy, delusions, and often casts a fog over most conversations depending on your personal charts.  Neptune on your ascendant (Pisces) may have clouded your view of typical boundaries and accepted behavior.  As such, you may have taken liberties that you normally would avoid simply because you were not seeing clearly.  You should not use that as an excuse for mistakes; although it has been known to distort reality for people with a strong Neptune in their personal make-up.  Neptune will now go direct until June of 2014 when it reaches 7 degrees Pisces.  Neptune and Mars have been dueling it out lately so dreams and action may have been at odds, especially for you mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces.)

Elsewhere in the cosmic neighborhood we’ll continue under the shadow period of Mercury retrograde.  Even though this pesky little planet, known for disturbing communications, stations direct on the 10th of November we must still pay it heed.  For about a week after the station we may still be within the shadow period and still feel missed connections and broken conversations.  During this time it may be still be wise to avoid big purchases and review contracts etc.  If you are reviewing, re-doing etc. you may be fine.    The full Moon at 25 degrees Taurus on Sunday brings with it the energy of Scorpio which is still quite relevant especially due to the recent eclipse.  Finally, and most pleasingly, Venus moves in to join Pluto in Capricorn.  Cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn) may enjoy the soft presence of this harmonious bearer of love and good will, especially given the distractions of the neighborhood.  See this alignment as your tub of hot water waiting.

Weekly Astrology ~ November 11, 2013.  True astrology comes from accuracy.  When you know the exact details of your chart, you get the instructions for your own particular journey.  These are the instructions.  Like an operators manual. Using birth date, place and time you see where the action is in your life.  Accurate, predictable, validating, in short, astrology works.  I have been working with charts and the planets for years and the timing and action is real and validating beyond belief.  Listen each Friday morning to “Turning of the Wheel” on Awakening Zone Radio at 11:00 AM.  Call me at 1-714-364-4353 Write to me for a reading chris@chrisflisher.com or visit my website at www.turningofthewheel.com.

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