Weekly Astrology ~ May 5, 2014 by Chris Flisher

Weekly Astrology ~ May 5, 2014 by Chris Flisher

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The week begins in celebration as Cinco De Mayo heralds an American celebration of a Mexican tradition.  Oddly enough, the holiday is more a localized southwestern US holiday than an ode to Mexico.  It is not the equivalent of our July 4th and is hardly recognized in Mexico, but retains a deep respect for the heritage of the southern neighbor of the United States.  With Venus moving into Aries, we might feel the spark of spring romance as Aries is known for being forward and amorous.  Under the influence of transiting Venus, we might gain that same surge in our own lives.  Ironically (or not), Aries’ ruling planet, Mars will be in Libra and Libra’s ruling planet, Venus will be in Aries.  As these two planets stand opposed to each other they are said to be in mutual reception, if only for a relatively short period.  Although this doesn’t directly occur until the 11 of the month it may be important to note as the energy of the time may be evident.  The location of these two planets in your chart may be significant towards the types of events or healing that could occur as a result.  As is always the case the exact position in your unique chart is of the most importance to you.

Elsewhere we see Mercury coming home to spend time in his domain of Gemini.  This small, fast-moving planet represents the epitome of stimulation and the fulfillment of intellectual acrobatics.  Nimble, observant, and capable of many tasks simultaneously, Gemini, enjoys the power of Mercury and will willingly embrace lots of activity during this season.  Although the transit is brief (no moss gathers on this stone) the three weeks that Mercury swirls through Gemini may be full of communication activity and electricity.  Libras and Aquarians may also benefit from the intellectual curiosity as will Virgos who share this planet as their ruler.  As such, all types of verbal exchanges, research, scientific exploration, and detail-oriented work is favored.  Additionally, the dust that was stirred by the Grand Cardinal Cross has abated temporarily although as Mars turns direct on the 19th we will see it come into contact with each of the planets involved in, although not simultaneously, and then lastly with Jupiter, who by then, will have moved on to Leo where a square will occur as Mars plows into comfortable territory in Scorpio in July.

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Weekly Astrology ~ May 5, 2014 by Chris Flisher

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