Weekly Astrology ~ March 17, 2014 by Chris Flisher

Weekly Astrology ~ March 17, 2014 by Chris Flisher

Happy St. Patrick’s Day

A beautiful full Moon at 26 degrees Virgo starts the week off with the promise of earth-bound action and detail.  This Moon seems to ask, what details are we over-looking that require our attention?  Well, there is much to digest.  Since last week, both Uranus and Pluto have shifted one degree.  In the case of Pluto it now sits at the 13 degree mark, where it will join in the grand cardinal cross headed our way in the last week of April.  And Uranus inches one degree closer to 11 degrees Aries.  At the same time, the great benefic, Jupiter sits firmly at 10 degrees cancer after stationing direct last week on the 6th of March.  It is truly amazing to see so much planetary activity in such close proximity.  Within the first week of March alone, we have Mars going retrograde AND a new Moon both on March 1st.  Only to be followed by Saturn stationing retrograde a day after on March 2nd, followed by Jupiter stationing direct on March 6th.  The term “station” indicates a time of inaction as in “stationary.”   During the stations, the planets carry an intensity that heightens their presence on the stage and demands attention.

Think of yourself walking or driving down a busy street, with cars and people swarming all around.  If you stopped and stood still you would be noticed and your position would create some sort of re-action, especially if you were driving and you suddenly came to a stop.  Like a snake, recoiling, the traffic would ebb until you decided to move and the flow began once again.  This is how the planets act when they “station.”  So, their power and meaning is eminently felt.  In the case of Mars, the planet of action we might see slow progress, rather than swift.  With Saturn we see accountability and duty being reconsidered.  Are we doing the right thing?  Good question.  When we look at the role of the US on the world stage.  Maybe we should consider fixing our own leaky faucets before we go off and plumb other nations of the world.  And Jupiter?  Jupiter brings light, abundance and good will, generally speaking.  So this may be the time when we return to our roots and issue a repair order where it is needed most.  Home.

This week we also witness the Vernal Equinox and the Sun enters Aries, the Ram, on March 20th..  The equinox represents that time when we see equal parts daylight and darkness.  With Mars (now retrograde) as the ruling planet of Aries, Rams of the world may slow down (for once) and reconsider their options and plans.

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Weekly Astrology ~ March 17, 2014 by Chris Flisher

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