Weekly Astrology June 3, 2013

Week of June 3, 2013

The most arresting theme of this week will be in the power of words as Mercury, the messenger tightens into a direct opposition to Pluto and subsequently squares itself to Uranus as it moves close to 11 degrees Cancer.  Both of these positions are significant unto themselves, but when combined they are quite powerful.  Mercury, represents communication, research, intellectual pursuits, and all things that involve curiosity and conversation.  Pluto in Capricorn represents re-construction, tearing down and eventual rebuilding.  And while that sounds hopeful it requires the tearing down first, which can be significant.  That is where the hard part comes in.  Restructure comes hard especially to the most powerful organizations, people, and movements, simply because many are affected.  We have seen major exposure and controversy come to the church, government, and personal scandals as our heroes are brought down by their hidden agendas and lies.  This is one of the redeeming qualities of this purging.  We finally get to see who is behind the curtain and our expectations get re-set.

Uranus in the mix brings an element of surprise.  Impulsive, dynamic, unexpected, this planet always delivers in the most unusual fashion.  Remember the earthquake in Japan occurred on the day that Uranus entered into Aries.  The types of events we could expect are natural because of the Pluto influence in Capricorn an earth sign, but more specifically, with Uranus in Aries we could expect initiations and new beginnings.  We could also expect acts of aggression and activity that has a very spontaneous and irregular quality.  So when we mix all of these ingredients together we get quite a heady combination of possibilities.  Re-construction, communication, and the unexpected all present the possibility of a burst of activity.  On the positive side we could see major breakthroughs on legislation and treaties.  On the negative side we could see diplomatic fall-outs and global unrest.  The operative way through this is to hold high the potential for positive change despite the cost of re-construction.  In the end the outcome will move us forward.

True astrology comes from accuracy.  When you know the exact details of your chart, you get the instructions for your own particular journey.  These are the instructions.  Like an operators manual. Using birth date, place and time you see where the action is in your life.  Accurate, predictable, validating, in short, astrology works.  I have been working with charts and the planets for years and the timing and action is real and validating beyond belief.  Listen each week to “Turning of the Wheel” on Contact Talk Radio at 11:00 AM.  The shows are then podcast on iTunes for later in the week.  Write to me for a reading chris@chrisflisher.com or visit my website at www.turningofthewheel.com.

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