Weekly Astrology ~ June 23, 2014 by Chris Flisher

Weekly Astrology ~ June 23, 2014 by Chris Flisher

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We are now into our journey through Cancer as the Sun crossed the solstice point on the 21st of June.  The important news this week will be a combination of alignments that are significant, the first being Venus entering Gemini.  As Mercury (still in retrograde and the Moon align also in Gemini, we may feel the sting of an emotional conversation that drives home a point that has long been smoldering.  Since the Moon harbors our emotional base, when it comes into contact with a retrograding Mercury, old topics may resurface that test our emotional vulnerability.  While this may sound ominous, remember that Mercury and the Moon both move swiftly so this may prove to be nothing more than a passing verbal tussle.  Since the Moon will be conjoining the Sun very soon after touching base with Mercury, this may be an excellent opportunity to clear the air, so to speak as the arrival of a new Moon heralds a time to start something new or head in a different direction.

What is more cautionary is Mars at 16 degrees Libra, directly opposing Uranus at the same degree in Aries.  This is not the first time these two have faced off against each other, but this time may prove to be more volatile simply because Mars is no longer retrograding.  Even though the fiery planet is still going back over ground that it covered during its backwards jaunt, its opposition to Uranus does set the stage for an unexpected clash leading up to the direct opposition.  We may bear witness to events that support this alignment as the applying pressure builds between these two excitable planets. This part of Mars’ journey is known as the shadow period and it comes to an end on July 22nd when it finally emerges at 27 degrees Libra and eventually heads off into the land of Scorpio, where its power will be amplified and noticeable.  Typically an alignment between two planets brings about an event that culminates prior to the actual exactitude of the alignment.  This time span is known as the applying period where the planets are gradually moving closer to each other by degree.

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Weekly Astrology ~ June 23, 2014 by Chris Flisher

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