Weekly Astrology ~ June 2, 2014 by Chris Flisher

Weekly Astrology ~ June 2, 2014 by Chris Flisher

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With the Sun fully embracing Gemini, conversations may be lively and cheerful.  We can expect a certain charge to be present in all that we say.  Intellectual, humorous, animated, and evocative, the dialog rings with possibilities.  Mercury will be stationing retrograde by the end of the week so it may be wise to take notes of promises made or plans scheduled.  Be certain to follow through as this retrograde period will place Mercury back into its natural sign of Gemini for the next several weeks.  Mercury in Gemini is not something to dread, but rather a time to review.  Think of it as a forced edit, whereby, you have to go back over ground you thought you already covered.  Since Mercury is comfortable in Gemini, the review cycle may likely prove to be quite helpful as you stumble upon oversights, mistakes, and missed opportunities.  Mercury retrograde gets a bad rap in astrology and that is an unfortunate outcome since, we really should view it as a welcome opportunity to repair or reconsider.

Mars is now clipping along, finally going direct, and it will cover the ground it traversed while going through its own retrograde these past few months.  By now it will be building up to a direct square with Pluto, which can be quite an unnerving experience, since it usually spells out some sort of outburst or aggressive behavior.  Both Mars and Pluto have links into Scorpio which can be inflammatory and secretive.  In a more positive light, Mars does get things done and Scorpio can be relied upon in the most loyal manner.  It may be worthwhile to watch the politics of the planet to see where this manifests.  When these two planets meet in the intense period leading up to the direct square, the tension ramps up and often acts of aggression come forward.  It is important to note, that we have also turned an important corner that was triggered by Mars earlier this year.  The Grand Cardinal Cross of April 2—22, signaled a time of initiation.  The outcome of this may manifest quite slowly, yet a change is gonna come, so to speak.  Perhaps we turn in a new direction and no longer see aggression but rather progression.  Progress can also be a by-product of this initiation.  With a guided intention towards progress we can steer clear of paths we once took and use the tension to harken a new unfolding.

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Weekly Astrology ~ June 2, 2014 by Chris Flisher

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