Weekly Astrology ~ June 16, 2014 by Chris Flisher

Weekly Astrology ~ June 16, 2014 by Chris Flisher

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This week ends with the official beginning of summer as the Sun steps into Cancer and the summer solstice arrives to light up the world with the longest day (light) of the year.  This is viewed by many as a time of celebration and an homage to the cosmos and all of its wonders.  And wonderful it is.  The changing of the seasons as we swirl our way through space is an event worthy of celebration and yet we may often take it for granted.  The Sun pairs up with Mercury as the two past each other and crank up the discussion.  Simply put, the dialog between all people may be lively, animated and over the top in some ways.  As the Sun spotlights the energy of Mercury, it may be easy to get caught up in confusion and misinterpretation of intent.  Even though this may be a typically good combination, with Mercury in retrograde, the odds are just as likely to be just the opposite.  This same intensity can be cranked up further later in the week as the Moon glides through Aries, past Uranus and opposing Mars.  This has a quality to it that brings about confrontation.  So simply be aware.

With the arrival of a new season we can expect the general tone of the summer to be much calmer than the spring.  Although April bore witness to the Grand Cardinal Cross, that singular event is more of a point of departure than a big bang of awareness.  The effects of the Grand Cardinal Cross will reveal itself over time and that may be over decades, centuries, millennia.  The point to remember is that we have turned the corner and there is no going back.  From this point forward we shall emerge and evolve more productively; more fruitfully; more kindly.  This will also reveal itself as Neptune starts its slow retrograde and allows us to reconsider and reopen ideas that came to us, but to view them with a new lens.  Neptune rules our subconscious and our mass consciousness.  As it turns into its long journey backwards we learn to digest concepts, patterns, and philosophies in a new manner.  Clarity may be a hard-won quality but well worth the effort.

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