Weekly Astrology July 29, 2013

Week of July 29th, 2013

This week Mars will make his presence known.  Mars tends to bring out aggression, action, anger, and ambition.  So there are many positive and negative aspects to the red planet.  We don’t always know which Mars will show up though.  Since the red planet will be opposing Pluto and squaring Uranus, I think it will be an aggressive transit, unfortunately.  The Middle East may be talking too loudly now and we have to turn our attention in that direction.  It certainly will be about our relationships with other countries or our relationships in general.  When I talk about these trends, I use the Sibley chart for the action.  The Sibley chart is based on the birth of the United States and is set for 5:08 PM on July 4, 1776 in Philadelphia.  Since the US is such a large player on the world stage we can expect our actions and actions towards us to be large as well.

Our role is changing.  We don’t want anymore “boots on the ground” and our soldiers should not be asked to sacrifice any longer.  Our role has been too invasive and we need to repair our own backyard.  This may not be an easy exit for us as other countries try and pull us back into the fray.  This may be true for us on our personal situations as well.  Somewhere in your chart, Mars will appear and it will be opposing Pluto.  Where is that?  Do you know where that happens?  How well do you know your chart?  In which arena does the action occur?  You can find that out with a professional reading and be prepared.  Mars, Pluto and Uranus can be earth-shattering.  This is not meant to be alarmist, but it is worth noting.  Mars is aggression, Pluto is transformation, and Uranus is rebellion.  Any way you arrange it, the outcome does spell out action.  You can see this action in the charts and you can be prepared and make distinct choices by being forewarned.

True astrology comes from accuracy.  When you know the exact details of your chart, you get the instructions for your own particular journey.  These are the instructions.  Like an operators manual. Using birth date, place and time you see where the action is in your life.  Accurate, predictable, validating, in short, astrology works.  I have been working with charts and the planets for years and the timing and action is real and validating beyond belief.  Listen each week to “Turning of the Wheel” on Contact Talk Radio at 11:00 AM.  The shows are then podcast on iTunes for later in the week.  Write to me for a reading chris@chrisflisher.com or visit my website at www.turningofthewheel.com.

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