Weekly Astrology ~ July 28, 2014 by Chris Flisher

Weekly Astrology ~ July 28, 2014 by Chris Flisher

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The marvelous, expansive feeling we may all be experiencing is due to the cojoining of the Sun, Mercury, and Jupiter, all sitting in close proximity (of course, that’s all relative when you talk about the solar system, but they are in the same sign, or the same neighborhood, let’s say.)  This will affect each of us in a different manner since we all have a different set of characteristics.  It may be worth your while to know which area of your life will be impacted by this alignment so that you can give it your utmost attention.  It really pays to know the intricate details of your personal chart at times such as this.  If you are uncertain contact me with your birth date, place and time.  The recent new Moon of this past weekend was an opportune time to strike out on a new course, and that course might be best realized wherever Jupiter lies in your chart.  This is particularly true for all fire and air signs.  As Mercury steps into Leo late in the week we may see dialog and conversations take on a bold and dramatic flair.  Rare is the Leo who doesn’t make their presence known to all.

The next few weeks will be even more intriguing as we see many of these planets traipsing through Leo and making tense and harmonious aspects to both Uranus and Saturn.  Within a day of each other both Saturn and Uranus changed their direction.  While this is not uncommon, the eventual alignment with Jupiter and the other planets in Leo will bring to light the relationship of these planets to each other.  Saturn, now out of its retrograde, and Uranus, a day later, turned retrograde.  Retrogrades of outer planets is normal, but when it brings them into a direct relationship to each other then we have to pay attention.  This week we’ll see Venus at the middle degrees of Cancer where she’ll be in a square (tense) to Uranus in Aries while she’ll be in a trine (easy) to Saturn at the same time.  This brings to light what I call a “push-me-pull-you” type of influence.  On one hand we have the prickliness of Uranus in Aries sparking along with Venus in Cancer, while responsible Saturn lends a helping hand in his influence to Venus.  Both of these are short-term aspects, but may be notable over the coming weeks as the Sun touches these same places but in a reverse alignment.

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Weekly Astrology ~ July 28, 2014 by Chris Flisher

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