Weekly Astrology ~ January 6, 2014

Week of January 6, 2014 by Chris Flisher

The first full week of the new year begins with the Moon in Aries where it will join sparky and unpredictable Uranus.  The Moon elicits our emotions and when Uranus is involved that basically means all bets are off and anything goes.  Despite, a slow path, Uranus is known throughout the astrological world as the rebel.  This creates a highly unpredictable tone to the time and is further complicated by the Moon; all in a sign (Aries) that is marked for impulsivity.  So, you do the math.  Emotions, plus impulsivity, plus rebellion.  Wow.  It doesn’t take much to put that scene together and the outcome might not be that pretty.  Tread softly and avoid inflammatory situations, might be your credo during this time.  You can see these events coming and, if you are especially attuned, you can literally feel the electricity begin to spark.  To complicate the scene further Mars will be squaring Jupiter which can amplify things even further.  The important piece to recognize is where does all of this happen?  Each of us has a room in the house of our lives that will be lit up by this energy.

Mars is the active player here that sets the pace and triggers the action.  Mars rules Aries and has a special affinity for Scorpio so the aspect it makes to Pluto will also be quite evident.  In this case particular Mars will square (90 degrees)and we will witness that energy as well.  We will essentially have a brief taste of what is to come in the last week of April when Mars, Jupiter, Uranus, Pluto form an unusual grand cardinal square when they each sit at the 13 degree point of the cardinal four signs.  Again, we can do the math as we sense and taste this alignment.  Mars (action), square Pluto (reconstruction), square Jupiter (expansion),  opposing Uranus (rebellion).  If you were to draw this out you would have a figure that looked like a perfectly square box inside a circle.  In other words, a square peg in a round hole.  Of course this square does fit, but it also points to a significant shift and perhaps an event that bodes for a new direction.  As I have said many times, if the roof were not leaking, we would not fix it.  However, with the middle class struggling under an uneven division of resources we can help but see this as a necessary start to a long-overdue shift.

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Weekly Astrology ~ January 6, 2014

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