Weekly Astrology ~ January 27, 2014 by Chris Flisher

Week of January 27, 2014

This week holds a lot of activity as Venus finally stations direct and begins to move in forward motion after 6 weeks of retrograde motion.  It will take some time for Venus to move back over the area that she covered in her reverse motion, so this is called the shadow period and, although not as noticeable as the actual retrograde, it will still be felt.  Just before turning direct Venus at 13 degrees Capricorn comes into a conjunction with Pluto at 12 degrees Capricorn  and an opposition to Jupiter at 12 degrees Cancer.  Powerful and profound, Pluto leaves a mark for the future.  Perhaps we have discussions about how we commit to others and Pluto provides a forum for stability.  With Jupiter quite happy and effective in warm and cozy Cancer we might expect the theme to be further elaborated with a focus on the home and shared resources.  A sense of comfort and perhaps resignation or acceptance.

This comes right before a second new Moon in the month, the next day, on the 30th in the sign of Aquarius.  This actually works quite well with the Venus/Pluto/Jupiter alignment, since the new Moon sets intention for the month to come.  In Aquarius, the general tone is that of global projects and initiatives that accommodate the greater community.   Perhaps we come to terms with doing the right thing for many.  I always recall Abraham Lincoln and Franklin Roosevelt when thinking of Aquarius.  The general theme is that of global outreach and calm.  Perhaps a lasting treaty is signed that brings harmony to a once contentious area of the planet.  This might be how we could expect to see this mix of influences.  It is certainly long overdue, so any effort towards that end would be welcome.

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