Weekly Astrology ~ January 13, 2014

Week of January 13, 2014

The Moon beams bright and full mid-week in the warm and maternal sign of Cancer (25 degrees) where she sheds her warmth, amplified by Jupiter.  Any time the Moon beams bright and full we tend to see our emotions come untethered, or at least in full view.  Like a balloon let loose of air, flying, willy-nilly as emotions run the full gamut.  Our emotions come to the surface at the full Moon.  To complicate this further we have Mars squaring Venus on the very next day.  The fact that Mars and Venus are so close at this time indicates their presence will surely be felt.  Because these planets represent opposing views (and the sexes) it is easy to see how the theme of conflict and disagreement steers the dialog.  Venus, currently in retrograde until the end of the month (and then some) will be less than receptive to any sort of reconsideration and, yet that what Mars might be demanding.  So right off the bat, we have what looks like a tense moment.  More than an all-out battle, we might see opposing views, desires, and agendas instead of a knock-down/drag-out imbroglio.

As I mentioned last week, unfortunately the pot has to boil in order to get our attention.  And despite what may occur, this is how progress is made sometimes.  Mercury will be in aspect to Uranus, which might find you wishing you could retrieve your words somehow.  Once they leave your lips they are not easily returned.  Damage control might be a better use of the time than aggression.  Meanwhile, Jupiter in retrograde, but generally happy in Cancer, will be closing in on the Sun of the US in its natal chart.  The spotlight will be on us and we have to use our time there wisely.  We are a bellwether and what happens here does have an impact elsewhere.  Are we acting with the right worldly intentions?  With the dialog occurring in Aquarius we should try and keep the focus on the globe and the preservation of all.

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Weekly Astrology ~ January 13, 2014

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