Weekly Astrology ~ February 10, 2014 by Chris Flisher


Week of February 10, 2014 by Chris Flisher

As Mercury retrogrades back through Pisces into Aquarius it will come into a conjunction with the Sun and a trine (a generally harmonious association) with Mars.  Not only will a conversation or dialog be highlighted, it may reveal itself as aggression.  Anytime Mars gets involved in any interchange we can expect one of several aggressive adjectives including; anger, ambition, action, or even, just progress.  With the Olympics on the world stage this might be a natural platform for such events to occur.  Does that involve aggression?  Well, athletics are aggressive by nature, since they involve competition and achieving the best, such as broken records and the like, so that is appropriate.  I doubt the Olympic Committee consulted an astrologer before choosing this date, but…  The conjunction of Mercury with the Sun simply puts a spotlight on that alignment and highlights the event.  It also presents the possibility for an event.

Of course this week finds us with Valentine’s Day on a full Moon.   While this day offers up the notice of love and loved ones in our lives, it might be nice sometime to just surprise someone on a non-Valentine’s day for a change.  Think of how much more impactful that would be?  The full Moon will add a dash of drama for certain, so we should try and parlay off that in a constructive manner. Venus will still be in its shadow period as it moves back through Capricorn so cardinal signs will feel the slow warming up of relationships.  Still the main action this week will mostly likely be communication-based and center around treaties and globally-oriented conversations.  With so much unrest and shifting going on under these transits it will be unlikely that anything other than that will occur.  With any number of serious hot-spots on the world stage, this will be a time when these get a lot of notice.  The globe is going through a major change.  Governmentally, ecologically, economically, socially, and physically, so that may be what we are feeling and expressing as the transits move us to act.

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Week of February 10, 2014 by Chris Flisher

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