Weekly Astrology ~ December 30, 2013

Week of December 30, 2013

The year’s end is clearly in view and we are about embark on a new time span.  While I would make the point that the calendar is a man-made construct, and that our “New Years” are individualized by the anniversary of our birth, this is still an important time, if for no other reason than we all feel compelled to see it as an opportune moment.  The simple collective process seems to be contagious and therefore a time for all to recognize.  Hence many of us celebrate.  This New Year’s Eve does have a distinct signature that includes Mars, the Sun, Pluto and Mercury.  Mars will be at 11 degrees Libra and it will align in a square (90 degrees) to the Sun, Mercury, and Pluto.  This a trigger if ever there was one.  How you use it will depend on the layout of your houses in your chart.  It appears that a long-term conversation will be unfolding that involves quick thinking, levity, a serious decision, and perhaps a happy outcome.  Mars may set off all of these concepts so simply be mindful.

On the world’s stage this can mean a significant step in a process that has been long in the works.  Maybe a final and compelling peace treaty emerges that puts words, action and a long-term negotiation on the table?  This type of alignment has that type of power embedded in it and can manifest at a time such as this.   Is it possible, that for once all sides agree and progress is made?  Treaties have been signed in the past and they can be again.  This is the power of a triggering moment when planets align.  Of course the angle is a hard one which can indicate a step “in the right direction,” perhaps.  Where do these alignments appear in your life?  How ill you address and adapt to them?

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Weekly Astrology ~ December 30, 2013

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