Weekly Astrology by Chris Flisher ~ January 20, 2014

Weekly Astrology by Chris Flisher ~ January 20, 2014

The most significant alignment of this week will be the conjunction of Pluto and retrograding Venus.  Venus stations direct on January 31st but will not be completely out of the “shadow zone” for a few weeks as it retraces its tracks over the retrograde area.  When Venus meets Pluto we tend to see the topic of commitment come to the surface.  With Venus in retrograde we can easily envision a second-look at relationships in general.  You may be getting “cold feet” about a long-term bond or simply reconsidering your options.  Those second-looks, by the way, may bring you right back where you are before you started thinking twice, but the exercise is worthwhile, nonetheless since, by that point, you have fully re-thought your stance.  Jupiter will be standing in opposition to this alignment at 12 degrees Cancer.  Jupiter, also in retrograde,  provides a loving balance to Pluto and may tilt the opinions into the positive zone as it is happy in the sign of Cancer and therefore, lightens the load.

Of course the Sun moves into Aquarius and we see the energy of the time shift towards humanitarian and global topics.  Aquarius is the sign of the global-minded individual (think of Abraham Lincoln and Franklin Roosevelt as examples) and their broad-reach is that of what bodes well for the most.  This intellectually-driven sign is ruled by Uranus, which is currently blazing new trails in Aries.  Elsewhere the Moon opposes Uranus early in the week which can be an inflammatory times simply because of the under-lying tension that arises from an emotional show of intent.  Later in the week, the Moon joins up with Saturn in Scorpio where the darkness can reveal secrets and hold people accountable in the most emotional and mysterious ways.

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Weekly Astrology by Chris Flisher ~ January 20, 2014

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