Weekly Astrology ~ August 18, 2014 by Chris Flisher

Weekly Astrology ~ August 18, 2014 by Chris Flisher

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Irony and a touch of frustration are the words that rule this week and we will all feel it on some level.  And while the irony, laced with equal parts restraint and potential will be readily apparent, there may be little we can do except perhaps tease the current sway in one way or the other.  We are motivated and encouraged by the power of Jupiter as it aligns with Venus in Leo.  This temperament heralds great optimism and a desire for beauty and comfort.  The area of your life where this is apparent will be the “house” or scene in your life that is currently hosting these two planets.  By contrast, and in a square to Jupiter and Venus, are the ironically (or not) “opposites” of these two planets – Saturn and Mars.  Where Jupiter expands and inflates, Saturn constricts and depletes.  Where Venus brings harmony and warmth, Mars brings aggression and action.  Saturn and Mars are joined together in Scorpio.  Jupiter and Venus are joined and squared (90 degrees) in Leo.  Scorpio and Leo are both fixed signs and rarely do they bend when it comes to compromise.  Fixed signs illustrate what it means to be opinionated.  Obstinate and immoveable; that’s the characteristics of a fixed sign.  While this quality may be a gift in some manner, it can also create a standoff, where neither side wants to budge.  The phrase of “between a rock and a hard place” is the most apropos for this alignment, and while it is not exact, the characteristics and frustration may be very evident.

To elaborate this alignment we also have Mercury moving through one of his rulerships as it speeds through Virgo.  While Mercury rules Virgo, we can also expect conversations and details to be highlighted during his stay there.  Virgo is about precision, discipline, and details; all presented with a fairly critical tone.  The critical eye is actually required so that the precision and details are delivered.  This singular, motivating quality becomes the motivation for clarity and exactitude that is so apparent in anything to do with Virgo.  Fast moving Mercury completely fits this sign and we may feel its presence especially when it comes to the current demands of restrictive Saturn and the ambition of Mars.  Mercury in Virgo aligns nicely (by sextile – 60 degrees) to Saturn and Mars, whereas Jupiter and Venus in Leo gain little influence from Mercury.  The overall outcome of this alignment will most likely air on the side of Saturn/Mars and not come to the aid of Jupiter/Venus.  What to expect?  The facts may be laid out on the table and they must be dealt with accordingly.  Demands, details, and accountability may very well be the significant tone of the week.  And while Jupiter and Venus do play a role, their contribution may be to simply lighten the load brought on by Saturn/Mars and nothing more.

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Weekly Astrology ~ August 18, 2014 by Chris Flisher

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