Weekly Astrology August 12, 2013

Week of August 12, 2013

The applying pressure (building) of Jupiter, Uranus, and Pluto will be the most prominent aspect of the week for certain.  When we look at this we see a “T” square with Jupiter being the fastest planet and moving into the middle degrees of Cancer and subsequently squaring Uranus in Aries and opposing Pluto in Capricorn.  “T” squares typically bring about a tense outcome, and the drama may be cranked up as the Moon passes by late in the week and joins Pluto bringing along an element of emotion and possibly friction.  We all have a well of feelings and emotions and you can be certain that they are escalated when the Moon steps into the scene.  With Pluto in the mix we tend to see old life patterns and habits get reignited and brought up to our attention.  “The deeds of the past…” so to speak.

After opposing Pluto, Jupiter lays out the new plan and we can look forward to seeing it develop.  The same can be said for the position of Saturn, now direct (forward).  These two planets in particular are easily measured for their role in our daily lives.  Jupiter fills us with opportunity and expansion while Saturn guides us to be responsible and accountable for all that we do.  Many plans that felt postponed or simply stuck, may now begin to gain traction and, more importantly, momentum.  Once in motion, things stay in motion and that applies to any direction, so be mindful of which way you choose, since that determines the outcome.  While Jupiter is gradually clicking along into a direct square to Uranus, we can expect BIG surprises, innovation, technology breakthroughs and settlements.  The same can be true for escalation, but we must hold to the positive progress, lest we see that momentum change direction.  With potential so rich, we can get that big wheel to turn in the right manner.

True astrology comes from accuracy.  When you know the exact details of your chart, you get the instructions for your own particular journey.  These are the instructions.  Like an operators manual. Using birth date, place and time you see where the action is in your life.  Accurate, predictable, validating, in short, astrology works.  I have been working with charts and the planets for years and the timing and action is real and validating beyond belief.  Listen each week to “Turning of the Wheel” on Contact Talk Radio at 11:00 AM.  The shows are then podcast on iTunes for later in the week.  Write to me for a reading chris@chrisflisher.com or visit my website at www.turningofthewheel.com.

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