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The word “occult” conjures up all sorts of oddities and mysterious images in the minds of all people.  We never know whether to be afraid or intrigued.  Actually more often than not, we are both.  Being just a touch on the fear side can be somewhat exciting especially as we delve into the underworld and see what comes of it.  Often times the truth we find is rarely as dramatic as we thought and we sometimes find logical explanation for it all.  Other times, truly unusual things crop up.  Join me as I interview Mitch Horowitz about his exploration into the occult world of America in his book, “Occult America.”  I have gone on to form a regular contact with Mitch and his new work will soon be out and I’ll be speaking with him again soon.

“Turning of the Wheel” has been a featured weekly radio talk show On Contact Talk Radio for the last seven years.  I am currently seeking new venues and outlets to continue broadcasting but at a much broader and more visible manner.  Watch this space and subscribe to my newsletter to see where I land in my pursuit of a wider audience.  The newsletter will provide the most up to date information about upcoming shows as well.  Thank you for following me and supporting this show.  I am self-funded so your donations keep the wheel turning.

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