Vedic Astrology ~ How It Works

In this segment astrologer, Chris Flisher, speaks with Joni Patry,, a highly-regarded Vedic astrologer.  In the eyes of Westerners, Vedic astrology appears as a complex swirl of long, unpronouceable terms and unusual terms.  Despite its apparent complexity Vedic astrology offers a far more granular view of the individual’s chart.  This precision can be an invaluable aid in making key life decisions such as child-bearing, marriage, or career adjustments.  Joni is an incredibly well-versed font of information regarding astrology.  She started out as a Western astrologer, moved into Uranian astrology and then settled into Vedic astrology as her course of preference.  She is a fascinating guest and quite positive about what many think of as a dire predictive tool.