Un Sdgs and Agreements and Human Rights Issues

Adopting such a perspective implies a “soft and gentle” approach to human rights monitoring within the framework of the SDGs, and human rights defenders may not find the kind of accountability they are looking for here. However, as a set of efforts underpinned by review and technical assistance, the SDGs remain promising. Monitoring and reviewing the SDGs will take a more backward path towards the implementation of human rights obligations than many defenders would like; Nevertheless, the focus on conditions and relationships for the fulfilment of human rights obligations can ultimately lead to successful implementation. These include the importance of the role of stakeholders in producing a fair and balanced outcome; the value of the views of independent experts; and the possibility of reviewing information from other United Nations processes in the context of follow-up and review. These efforts will greatly contribute to building strong national human rights systems and help the SDGs work for all. .

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