“Turning of the Wheel” ~ Sneakin’ Thru The Valley with Allie” Friday Am @ 11:00 AM

“Turning of the Wheel” weekly radio show with Chris Flisher.  This week join me as Allie Cheslick comes on and we talk about what is on the horizon.  Allie is a well-known psychic and we’ll be mixing it up as we combine astrology with the whole swirl of activity building in the cosmos for this coming spring.  Tune in at 11:00 on Awakening Zone Radio and get a free reading at 1-714-364-4353.

We are deep in a valley.  That valley is an economic, ecological, and ethical trough of potential.  We may be at a low point, but the way out of the valley is with optimism, strength, vision, and wisdom.  The valley represents a place in time where we can turn the tide and bring forth a new plan for an evolution revolution.  Join me as I speak about these current great topics and have a laugh or two with medium, Allie Cheslick.  Listen as two Aries discuss the richness of the times and how we use Uranus to guide us to success and a higher ground.

Allie Cheslick is a Professional Spiritual Medium, Healer, Intuitive & Radio Host.  She has been a consultant to a national and international clientele and a sought after guest on many national and international radio programs.  She is also known as a Psychic’s Psychic and has demonstrated for audiences worldwide on radio and TV.

Allie has been touted as one of the most genuine, sincere, and hauntingly accurate spiritual mediums of our time. Allie’s Love is felt in every reading and her, “Tell it like it is attitude” is refreshing and authentic.  Allie goes above and beyond to ensure that each client leaves the reading with love, comfort, hope, peace and a sense of empowerment to know they have full control over their ability to move forward in their lives.
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