“Turning of the Wheel” Radio Show “It’s In The Numbers”

The weekly episode of “Turning of the Wheel” is now available for free download.  Click here to listen to “It’s In The Numbers.”

Like astrology, numerology uses the birth data to help understand and discover your true purpose.  Join me as talk with Michael Fierro about this fascinating topic.  Astrology and Numerology really are brothers from the same mother.  Self-knowing, self-understanding and personal empowerment are all gifts contained within the treasure chest that is your name and birth date.  Listen as Chris and Michael show you the power that lies within you, as we help you to live the life you would truly like to live through the use of the gifts which were bestowed upon you at birth. How is this accomplished? Through the ancient esoteric sciences known as Astrology and Numerology.  Together these two healers can help you discover your true purpose….Chris Flisher and Michael Fierro
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