“Turning of the Wheel” this Friday ~ “A Planet in Evolution” with A.T.Mann

We are in the process of enormous evolutionary change.  We are impacted by the cardinal energy of major outer planets as they align in the cardinal signs of the zodiac.  This is most powerfully felt by those of you who are cardinal signs or have strong cardinal planets in your astrology charts.  Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn are feeling the shifts the most profoundly, but all of us have a part of our lives that are being impacted.  Do you know where?  Join me as I speak with Tad Mann, one of the world’s foremost scholars on the science and art of astrology. 

“Turning of the Wheel” this Friday ~ “A Planet in Evolution” with A.T.Mann


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Alden Taylor Mann IV was born in New York in 1943 and received a five-year B.Architecture from the Cornell University College of Architecture in 1966. In the 1960s he worked for influential architects in New York City (Gruzen & Partners, Davis Brody & Associates, and Robert A. M. Stern & Associates) and for The Architect’s Collaborative (TAC) European Office in Rome 1968-69. His design won a Progressive Architecture Magazine Design Awards Citation in 1970, for New York City Public Housing, (January 1970, pp. 98-99). In their Annual Awards Issue: Alden Taylor Mann and Stuart Cohen were principal designers for “Lindenwood: Low Income Public Housing for Queens, New York” for Gruzen and Partners Architects, New York.

After a journey to the East, he experienced a profound transformation and became an astrologer, author and publisher in 1972. He has written or co-written twenty books (translated into many languages) on astrology, sacred architecture, sacred gardens, ecological design, sacred sexuality, calendar systems, psychology, healing, tarot, prophecy and reincarnation. He lived in England from 1973-1991, Copenhagen from 1991-1999, and is now single and lives in Hudson, NY.

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