“Turning of the Wheel” Radio Show of the Week “Coincidence with John Martineau”

We have all experienced them and we all know how they strike us.   These unpredictable gems of chance are worth a second look and coincidences may be more revealing about our mindset than we may have imagined at the time.  What do they portend?   The impressions left behind by a coincidence can leave us wondering if there actually is a “higher power” driving the show.  When those remarkable events, encounters, and epiphanies happen they are truly gifts from above.  To an astrologer they are very “Uranian moments” because they draw on the power of Uranus, the planet responsible for delivering the unexpected.  However, what about the logic of these events?  What delivers them and why are they so fascinating?

Listen as I speak with author John Martineau about this topic and his book on this subject.  What IS behind a coincidence?

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