Transfer Agreements Ccp

Visiting Community College in Philadelphia allows you to save tuition and earn a bachelor`s degree at other colleges. Associated with the Arts (AA) and Associates in Science (AS) University curricula are designed for transfer. Applied Science Associates (AAS) Curriculums are designed to prepare you for a career after graduation, but in many cases they also prepare you for transfer. Temple and Community College of Philadelphia have entered into the following transfer agreements to allow for a smooth transfer to the College of Education and Human Development. As a general rule, it is important that the associate degree you are taking prepares you to enter your planned bachelor`s degree. For example, you would deserve your partner in Science in Biology to prepare for your Science degree in Biology. This is typical of the traditional transfer process and is followed by most traditional transfer students. “A four-year school was not an option if you drop out of high school. My mind wasn`t ready for that,” said Bragg, who earned an associate degree in applied science from the CCP and studied social work at La Salle.

“I started at the CCP in 2015 and became Paralegal before getting involved in social work in my last two years. I decided I wanted more education. I wanted to be the first in my family to get a bachelor`s degree, and the transfer contract between the two schools made this next step much easier and helped in terms of finances.┬áVisit Undergraduate Admissions for more information about Temple and the transfer admission process. Developed with fachhochschulen and universities, dual-admission transfer partnerships should help you move seamlessly to these high school institutions after graduating as an associate. Transfer Credit Action Procedure If a transfer student acknowledges that the terms of the CAA have not been met, he or she may follow the credit transfer procedure. (Annex E of the joint complete articulation agreement) These agreements accept accredited encoder encoder curricula, as the general education requirements meet the essential requirements of the transfer school program. If you acquire a corresponding associate degree, usually an Arts associate or a science associate, the essential requirements of the transfer university are met, with the exception of the basic courses required for the intentional major (and, in some cases, requirements that reflect the specific values of the transfer university, for example. B religion or foreign language courses).

The college has entered into basic agreements with the following: La Salle has been recognized as one of the best colleges and universities in the country for creating ways to help college transfer students, so the Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society Transfer Scooter four of the past five years. Temple and Community College of Philadelphia have entered into the following program-to-program agreements: The Community College of Philadelphia has agreements with many colleges and universities in the region and beyond.

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