Their Marriage Agreement Bab 30

A certain Aslan Khan, older and smarter than the rest, returned with Hj Mubarak and acquired his blessed presence. He was asked: where are you going and what mission did you receive? The soldier attempted to conceal his mission and did not reveal the character of their charge. This time [the Bb] said, No reason to hide your mission, since your goal is to stop the Siyyid-i-Bb and bring it back immediately to Shiraz. Do not worry. I`m ready. If you continue your march towards Bushihr and pass at this point, you will certainly fail in the fulfillment of the mission entrusted. The official looked closely at his face and found that all the signs given to him in Shiraz to identify him were obvious and, as such, recognized that the intentional person was standing in front of him. He returned to his companions and told what had happened, which prompted them all to shout with astonishment: if a man is wanted by the government and the authorities, he must certainly flee those who were sent to be arrested. So how is it that this personality, with the greatest courage and determination, informed us that he was indeed the purpose of our research? I`m sure it must be the truth! Over the next two decades, Shoghi Effendi wrote to the Baha`is in Iran asking them to make detailed stories about local communities, especially those that had a significant Baha`i presence from the beginning. He called on the faithful who lived through the development of the heroic age of 1844-1921 in the cradle of their faith to write down their memories. For several months [the Bb] stayed in Shiraz and visited his mother and family when he spoke once again about returning to Atabat.

When she learned that His Holiness had such considerations, her mother grew up with deep anxiety and spoke with great urgency to her brother Hj Mr Siyyyid`Ali of admission to marriage. [To do so], the illustrious Khadijih-Sultan Bagum, daughter of the late Q Mrz`Al and a paternal cousin of the Bbs` mother, was chosen and preparations for the wedding were arranged. The wedding [49] took place on Friday, the eighteenth Rajab 1258, in the presence of an assembly of merchants, nobles and the ulama of Fars. [51] Then the Darughih went before Husay Khan and told him that there was no one at Bbs House except him. However, the mischievous elements, led by the “Ulama,” continued to make the arrest and, as such, Husayn Khan, the governor, sent his men to call His Holiness as governor with his maternal uncle. There, [Husayn Khan] repressed the illustrious uncle and shouted: You guarantee that no one would associate [the Bb], but you acted against your own written statement. Therefore, you must be punished. Then he turned to the Farraches, and addressed with them with acerism and contempt, and he told them to bring back sticks. The illustrious uncle, who was highly respected Siyyid and who was over sixty years old, was most severely hit with sticks, and the Bb too was punched in the face.

Subsequently, a sum of money was taken from the victims, and [as the uncle could not walk], the Farrash carried him over their shoulders to his house, where he was wounded for some time in his bed. [50] August 25, 1842. A copy of the marriage certificate babs contains the same date, see The Page Bab vs. 80 and Khanidan-i Afnan 158-61. Suddenly, the young student raised his blessed head and, with enlightened reasoning, irrefutable evidence and scientific evidence, the answer they sought and eliminated all complexities.

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