The Solar Return ~ An Aries Tale

I was about 20 years old when I had my first serious encounter with astrology.  I was working in Boston and I met an older woman who has just started a few days earlier.  We started talking and she asked me if I knew my birth information.  I had a copy of my birth certificate at home and I knew my birth time to be 4:31 PM. She took note of the information.  I was curious.   Within a few days she returned with a long hand-written report about me and my potential.  To this day, I can still remember the impact of that information with such clarity as if it happened yesterday.

Here, before me, on a few sheets of paper, was a profile unlike anything I had ever seen before.  The details, the descriptions, the assets, the liabilities, the treasures and the instructions for my life were clearly before me in such accurate detail that I was completely floored.  How could an absolute stranger know so much about me after such a brief encounter?  How did this person know about my likes, dislikes, my secret hidden potential and the choices that were before me?  How could she truly “know” me?

I have to say at first I was taken aback, wondering if she called up my inner spirit and had a heart-to-heart talk with my conscience.  So accurate and detailed was this information that I still use it as a benchmark for my pathway.  Yet, I remained the skeptic.  Impossible.  Just lucky, I surmised.  To my logical mind it seemed too unlikely a chance that she could know so much about me from such a short encounter.  Yet she did.  And it was accurate beyond belief and incredibly precise.  I can remember that moment because it totally changed my life from that moment forward.  Never again would I discount what astrology could provide.  It has been my guide and allowed me to make important decisions that have ultimately served me to my greater good.  This is a valuable inalterable truth.

As I stand at my solar return, I am as fully invested in astrology as ever.  The Solar Return is when the Sun returns to same exact spot on the chart as it was when you were born.  In my case that is 12 degrees Aries.  When we look at the Solar Return we get a snapshot of what the coming year holds.  The true “new year” for any person is the Solar Return and not New Year’s day as we all think.  Your new year starts when the Sun returns to the birth position.  As such, this period always provides a glimpse of potential for the coming year.  Even though the Sun is back where it was at your birth, the remainder of the planets are never in the same position.  Therefore, they offer a new set of possibilities for the year to come.  A whole new array of possibilities lies before you.  A Solar Return offers insights that are captured by this moment in time.  What will unfold in the year to come?

This year is incredibly powerful for anyone who is an Aries (or any Cardinal sign for that matter – Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn).  Other fire signs (Leo and Sagittarius) can also benefit from this alignment.  As the saying goes, timing truly is everything.  The reason people are successful or face challenges at specific moments is directly connected to the position of the planets in their charts at the time of the event.  Knowing that potential exists for events can be incredibly empowering information if you are open to take the advice.  The Solar Return is a valuable data point for anyone having their birthday.  It is truly your new year.  What potential does it hold?  Where should you put your energy?  Curious?  Contact me at

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