The Power of Intuition with Peter Roth

Astrologer/artist Chris Flisher discusses the innate power of intuition that all of us possess.  Why do some of us appear to be more intuitive than others?   How do we practice intuition?  These questions and more are discussed with Peter Roth.  Intuition is a powerful force in our lives.  We don’t always understand it and yet we find ourselves trusting it more often than not.  How often have you trusted your “gut” on something only to be proven right?  By the same token, how often have you not followed it and things did not go as planned?  This strange ability allows us to connect to an inner voice that seems to possess a wisdom or knowledge from another dimension.

The other side of intuition is the ability to “tap” into another person’s feelings.  In this regard intuition can be a marvelous tool for healing others.  When someone can understand the feelings, the pain, and the emotions of another person, then we witness the remarkable talent of a healer.

Peter Roth is such a person.  A talented intuitive, spiritualist, seasoned astrologer, and Human Design System analyst, Peter has his finger on the pulse of a number of divination tools that coalesce …

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