The Millenials ~ An Astrological View

Children born in an era when three major outer planets formed what’s called a stellium in astrology have grown up under the most unusual circumstances.  Framed around a cluster of planets, all in close proximity, the millenials have grown up in a world far different than many of their baby-boom parents.  A stellium is a close alignment of three or more planets in the same zodiacal proximity.  In the case of these millenials, the three planets were Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune which were all located in the middle degrees of Capricorn, a place in the grand wheel that is being triggered by the current position of Pluto.  This has presented this generation with a much different picture of daily reality than many a generation has had to face.  Saturn represents responsibility, Uranus harkens rebellion, and Neptune provides a shroud of fog that clouds the view dramatically.  Disillusionment, harsh reality, and a dream that has yet to appear…

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