The Grand Water Trine ~ 2013

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We are rapidly approaching a most unusual planetary alignment that represents a shift in our collective direction.  This alignment is known as a trine, which is the astrological term for planets that are located 120 degrees apart.  The term “trine” refers to the triplicate nature of the alignment since 120 x 3 equals 360 degrees in the circle.  Trines are considered to be favorable alignments in astrology as opposed to the square (90 degrees).  Squares typically represent challenges, and growth through adversity, whereas trines often indicate gentle influence and progress without struggle.

This alignment is coming up in the third week of July will include three outer planets aligning in the three water signs.  On July 17th (exact) Jupiter will be at 4 degrees, Cancer (cardinal water); Saturn will be at 4 degrees, Scorpio (fixed water); and Neptune will be at 4 degrees, Pisces (mutable water).  [I have discussed the modes (cardinal, fixed, mutable) in previous articles and they are not especially relevant to this conversation, but to quickly summarize; cardinal signs are initiators, fixed signs are those that act on initiation; and mutable signs are those that repair or conclude the process.]

This alignment is rare considering the likelihood of it happening with such precision.  Jupiter moves around the zodiac over the course of 12 years, so it is back where it was 12 years ago.  Saturn takes roughly 29-30 years to accomplish the same journey and Neptune makes the entire trip in 164 years.  So the odds of this happening are, indeed, rare.  For these three planets to land in this position is a phenomenon that will not be repeated in our lifetime.  It is unusual.  So what does it mean astrologically?  How will this impact us?

As I mentioned, trines are soft or favorable alignments that bring about gradual and easy motion with regard to our collective progress.  So what does all of that mean?  How will we see this?  What does this alignment provide?

Jupiter represents expansion, optimism and growth.  Saturn represents the presence of responsibility, accountability, and doing the right thing.  Finally, Neptune represents our ability to dream and shift our consciousness.  Consciousness in this context, refers to our sense of what is right or wrong.  It also symbolizes what we will tolerate (or not).  When we combine these three planets and their influence we can easily see a “large (Jupiter), responsible (Saturn), dream (Neptune)” emerging.

This may be indicative of how we allow our lives to unfold.  Do we tolerate irresponsible politicians any longer?  Do we allow wars to take away our children?  Do we allow our money to go to bailing out greedy corporations?  Where do we draw the lines of tolerance?

All of these questions and many more are coming up under a new-found, heightened scrutiny.  We are no longer willing to settle for some of these practices.  We have felt shackled by events and yet we also know that we cannot allow this to continue.  The presence of this alignment allows us to shift the dialog in constructive, responsible ways.  How does this play out in our lives?  Quite simply we need to turn inward and be responsible for our inner core.  We need to live a new dream in a big, responsible manner.

We need to return to our homes and repair the damage that has been done during this state of constant distraction.  This is true on the national (US) level as well as in the personal realm.  We need to repair our planet, our infrastructure, our own roofs, and our own societal fabric.  This graceful alignment may not be felt with a sudden shift, but rather with a slow gradual motion.  Since these planets move slowly we should not expect to wake up in the morning and see the effects readily apparent.  In short, this may be seen as the time for repair and consolidation.  This represents a simple re-consideration of our true values; our efforts; and our actions.

The planets do not compel us, rather they impel.  This simply means they guide us towards the right decision rather than force us.  This slow gradual shift in our collective thought allows us to view concepts and processes through a different set of lens.  The lens of our current time should be in alignment with our current needs and abilities.  If that is out of sync, the universe will urge us to correct.  And correct it we will.

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