The Cosmic Watch

We know little of our place in the universe as it swirls around us on a daily basis.  What if we could see, in real time, the motion of the solar system?  The movement of the planets?  The rise and set of the Sun?  And what if we could see it in the palm of our hand?  How would that shift our view of who we are, where we are, and why we are?  The Cosmic Watch is such an application.  Precise, detailed, gloriously presented, this application allows us to see and answer all of the aforementioned questions.  A truly remarkable experience to behold.  Join host, Chris Flisher, as he discusses this amazing application with Markus Humbel of The Cosmic Watch application.  This may be quite unlike anything you have ever seen before.  It may also compel you to look at your place in the swirl of the universe through a much different set of eyes.