Terms And Conditions Of Car Rental Agreement

5. After the execution of the rental agreement, the company will ask the tenant and the driver to declare the mobile phone number or other means of contact to communicate with the tenant and the driver during the duration of the tenancy. 5.8. Car rental has the right to require the tenant to pay the rental fee and warranty on the basis of the actual price list. GPS AND PORTABLE WIFI 26. The tenant acknowledges that he is responsible for: (a) damage or losses, including theft, GPS and portable Wi-Fi devices and/or their accessories. The fee is $200 plus business tax per unit; and (b) a processing and freight tax that damages an accessory and/or is not returned with the GPS or portable Wi-Fi unit. The tax is $30 plus business tax per rent. VEHICLE USE 7. The tenant cannot: a) not use or authorize the vehicle for the transport of passengers for rent or reward, unless the vehicle is rented to the owner`s knowledge to be used in a person service; b) sublet or rent the vehicle to another person; (c) allow the vehicle to be used outside its jurisdiction; (d) operate the vehicle or allow it to operate in circumstances that constitute a violation of the law (which relates to driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs); (e) to operate the vehicle or operate it in any race, speed test, reliability test, rally or competition, or be operated on a race or rally circuit or, in any event, as a pacemaker or as a test in preparation for one of them; (f) to operate or operate the vehicle in violation of traffic rules and regulations or regulations; (g) the vehicle may be operated or operated for the transport of more passengers or goods above the maximum value indicated in the Road Use Obligation Certificate for the vehicle, depending on the number of passengers and/or goods specified in the Road Use Obligation Certificate; (h) drive or let a person drive the vehicle if the driver does not have a full and valid driver`s licence at the time of driving; (i) to drive or drive the vehicle on roads that are excluded from point 22 (q) of these commercial conditions, or on a beach, access or surface that could damage the vehicle; (j) have the vehicle driven by a person who is not identified or described in the rental document as being authorized to drive the vehicle; (k) operate the vehicle or drive it or tow another vehicle; l) transport each animal in the vehicle (except blind dogs for the visually impaired); (m) to drive or authorize the vehicle involved in illegal activities; or n) allow anyone to smoke in the vehicle.

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