Tenancy Agreement Ends During Lockdown

The government has amended coronavirus (COVID-19) regulations to clarify that people who want to return home can do so. See the revised guidelines for returning home during the coronavirus (COVID-19) phase in England. Tenants must continue to terminate their rental agreement when they have to leave their rental, as provided for in their rental agreement. If they need to evacuate the property before the agreed departure date, they should tell their landlord. Government guidelines require tenant safety to be a top priority. Visits should only take place when you voluntarily leave the lease or have already moved. If a move to the home progresses, it must be carried out in Englandwww.gov.uk/guidance/government-advice-on-home-moving-during-the-coronavirus-covid-19-outbreak in accordance with the moving guidelines during the coronavirus (COVID-19) period. If you live in accommodation provided by the local authority, if you are an employee of the Council and your employment contract requires you to stay in the accommodation to better fulfil your obligations, your tenancy is an unsafe lease, in accordance with the Housing Act 1985. These new provisions also do not apply to you. If you`re not sure which option is best for you, seek legal advice. See housing and rental assistance. Now is the time to prepare.

Make sure you have all your documents together, including a copy of your rental agreement. It`s worth re-reading it if you need to reference something in it when extracting it. If you are suffering from serious difficulties or if your landlord has requested an order to cancel your rental, you can contact your landlord 14 days in advance that you will leave. Among the serious difficulties could be: if a tenant does not isolate himself and stubbornly refuses to allow access to the property, landlords still have the powers and tools to access their real estate during the period affected by the coronavirus. These include access to the courts to obtain an injunction or, in the case of a municipal landlord, an arrest warrant. Landlords must follow strict procedures if they want a tenant to leave a property depending on the type of rental agreement and conditions. Most private and social tenants and licensees can only be distributed with a court order that the landlord can ask if he has served the tenant with the corresponding termination and if it has expired.. . . .

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