Tarajani Mudra

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A mudra is a hand or body position that is used in meditation. The exact placement of the body’s extremities into well-defined positions helps to channel meditative energy in the proper manner. The alignment of fingers, legs, hands and the body provide the individual with a receptivity characteristic that allows the person to be attuned to spirit. The tarajani mudra depicted in this mandala represents protection. The two middle fingers drawn down and held in place by the thumb are symbolic of a state of safety and security. This gentle, self-imposed posture brings about a sense of focus and intent. With fingers well positioned and intention clear, the body begins to connect with spirit as the inner energy of the individual is clearly aligned with its desire to connect. This practice is found in Buddhist and Hindu practice and elicits a sense of reverence and ritual so necessary when connecting with the spirit world. Mudras are seen in many forms of art, iconography and ritual throughout several cultures of the world that embrace the philosophies of the Buddha and Hinduism. There are mudras for every spiritual intention. This mudra speaks to protection so needed for a world undergoing great cultural, political, and spiritual change.

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