Synthesis ~ The Art of Astrology

It is easy to cast astrology aside as meaningless.  Many roll their eyes when I speak of the power of this amazing tool, and yet everyone knows the sign under which they were born.  We may disregard astrology until we see it working.  Then we pay attention.  When does astrology work?  Astrology works by analyzing and, most importantly, synthesizing the information into coherent language that has richness and meaning.  Once the astrological data is properly interpreted and delivered in plain-speak, we can begin to see the value and depth presented.  The proof is truly in the pudding.

This process is synthesis.  Synthesis is the task of compiling complex astrological data, coordinates, aspects and inter-relationships of your unique planetary composition and making them recognizable; easily understood so that they can be useful for making decisions.  Many people complain of the over-loaded use of astrological jargon and terms which either leaves clients confused, or frustrated trying to learn a whole new language.  It’s like trying to talk to a lawyer or a doctor or even a car mechanic about a specific problem that has a unique set of terms that apply to the condition or the event.  If you heard two astrologers talking to each other you’d think it was a foreign language.   In many ways it is.  Trines, squares, quincunxes, aspects, transits, degrees, angles, applying and separating are all words that make little sense in an astrology reading to the average person yet is the vernacular of the astrologer.

The secret to a solid astrological reading is being able to assimilate this information and deliver it in a manner that is understandable in a clear, concise fashion.  There is no question that astrology works.  As a professional astrologer, I take calls from people around the world through my radio show, “Turning Of The Wheel,” and I know nothing about them other than their birth date, place and time.  And yet, the information I provide is timely, pointed, and most importantly, accurate.  This is validated every time an astrology reading is conducted.  This self-validating process cannot be scripted, or predicted.  The process is truly proof of the accuracy of this amazing scientific tool.

Typically, clients come to see an astrologer when they are faced with a decision or at a crossroads in their lives.  Relationships, career transitions, and finances are important milestones and with the proper use of astrology you can definitely strike while the iron is hot and make the best move.  Timing is everything.  The natal astrology chart is static.  It will never change and it is similar to your fingerprints or your DNA.  Once you are born, that is cast and will not change.  However, when you bring the natal entity into the world of today you see where the action is and how best to address it.  When this information is delivered in clear plain language that has stores and themes involved then the picture becomes much clearer.  This is most especially the case when it comes to the aforementioned decisions.  Do you stay or do you go?  Do you take the job, or leave?  Do you buy or sell?  All of these are important timed decisions that, if made while incorporating astrology, can make all the difference in your world.  The secret is proper use of the language; a careful assimilation of the information; and an understanding of the timing of your journey.  Synthesis is the by-product of a carefully researched and analyzed astrology cast.  The results can be absolutely astounding.  This is the art of astrology.

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