Surviving Pluto

In this archived podcast, astrologer and host, Chris Flisher speaks with astrologer and author, Joseph Crane about surviving Pluto.  This coming week NASA will arrive within viewing distance of the illusive planet, Pluto for the first time in history.  This is a momentous occasion and worthy of our collective attention.  Over 3 billion miles away, Pluto has never been within our grasp–until now.  The New Horizons spacecraft was launched in 2006 and has been traveling since to reach this destination where it will send photos and data back to earth.  In this segment Joseph and Chris talk about the astrological ramifications of Pluto and its archetypal relevance.  Pluto is no small planet within the realm of astrology and our arrival at this planet, at this point in time, is indeed noteworthy.  What will this bring to us?  How will we view the universe from this point forward?  What does Pluto offer?  How will it affect you?