Speed Post Agreement

The large customer who chooses to use a credit facility is designated by the designated authority in the prescribed format. The large customer must enter into an agreement with the designated authority. Once the authorization has been received, the customer must present a bank guarantee. The contract is valid for one year and the receiving authority renews the contract each year. The BNPL invoice is set monthly (calendar month) by the booking agency. The bill is increased until the 7th day of the following month (bill date). The large customer must pay the bill in full on the day or before the last day of the month during which the bill is billed. If the customer does not make the payment on his due date, a fine of 12% per year will be imposed on the amount of the invoice from the date of the invoice. If the large customer decides not to use the credit facility and pay the full payment at the time of the Speed Post article, he is entitled to a discount on the activity of Rs 50,000 that he made available during a calendar month.

Mass customers are entitled to a credit facility provided they enter into an agreement with the department. Mass customers are defined as anyone who makes available speed mail operations worth 10,000 aff. speed booking office of Speed Post during the calendar month. .

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