Heavy retrograde period ahead.  How does it impact you?

We have entered a period of heavy retrograde motion with three influential outer planets.  All planets go retrograde except the Sun and Moon and when they do it is a optimal time to reconsider many different aspects of our lives.  Each of us will feel the impact of these retrogrades and no one is immune to this. With these outer planets involved we can expect the retrograde period to long and somewhat tedious.  While this period of time allows us to mull over our choices and possibly change our approach, it is also a time where we may feel stagnant and stilted.

To begin with, let’s get the details out:

  • Jupiter (abundance and amplification) stationed retrograde on April 11 at 24 degrees Sagittarius and will reverse back to 14 degrees Sagittarius before stationing direct on August 11, 2019.
  • Saturn (responsibility and duty) stationed retrograde on April 29 at 20 degrees Capricorn and will reverse back to 13 degrees Capricorn before stationing direct on September 18, 2019.
    Neptune (illusion and delusion) will station retrograde on June 21 at 18 degrees Pisces and will reverse back to 15 degrees Pisces before stationing direct on November 27, 2019.
  • Pluto (deconstruction and reconstruction) stationed retrograde on April 24 at 23 degrees Capricorn and will reverse back to 20 degrees Capricorn before stationing direct on October 3, 2019.

Remember a retrograde is an illusion from our perspective on earth.  The planets do not actually change direction, but they appear to change direction from our viewpoint on earth.  This is an important distinction and brings into focus the symbolic nature of the planets. Each planet has a series of symbolic attributes that we adopt and use as a guide.  When these planets go retrograde, these symbolic attributes play out differently. While these periods can be confusing and off-putting remember that they are also opportunities to rethink our plans and alter our course accordingly.  In that regard, we can come to regard the retrogrades as useful reminders to weigh out our choices before we actually make a move. If we are in the process of shifting our trajectory in some manner, this period will enable us to come to grips with what might be a life-altering series of events that are currently unfolding in our lives.  What, at first, may have appeared impossible or non-negotiable, may now appear to be acceptable and necessary. Retrogrades need not be feared or avoided for they simply cannot be halted. It is better to find the challenges, acknowledge them, embrace them and the ride will be much smoother. Once we get to the other side of the retrograde and we claw our way back we may be grateful for this period of forced reflection.

When determining where the action will unfold in your life it is important to understand the impact on your sun sign as well as your ascendant or rising sign.  When you read them both together you will have a much better understanding of how this will be rolled out in your life. While this review offers the details for your sign, the real truth lies in the individual horoscope of you, the individual.  With the birth date, place, and time of your arrival you can determine where you life is undergoing change. This will be unique to you and only available with a true astrology reading. If you wish to schedule a reading with me for those specifics visit my website and book a time with me.  www.chrisflisher.com, www.turningofthewheel.com.

Aries – Your career or occupation is coming into focus during this retrograde.  Remember, career and occupation are not the same. A career is how you earn, whereas an occupation is how you occupy your time.  Whether you are changing jobs, transferring to a new location for work, or facing the inevitability of retirement, something about your daily life is being re-designed to fit your life’s purpose.  The universe is asking you to adapt to a new paradigm in this area of your life (Saturn and Pluto.) New training or education may help (Jupiter.) Are you ready to step into transition? (Neptune.)

Taurus – Your life will see a significant shift regarding education, travel, and anything that is expansive and enlightening.  Training for a new career, traveling to new vistas, or broadening your view of the world through a different set of spiritual values are all likely topics to come under consideration during this period.  You may have reached a point in your journey where the only way forward is to shift your view in this area of your life (Saturn and Pluto.) Influence is likely from a large organization (Jupiter.) Are you associating with the right people? (Neptune.)

Gemini – Your associations with large organizations and elderly relatives are likely to shift during this period.  Large institutions include government, municipal entries, universities, religious structures and financial institutions.  Also financial subjects from outside sources are also probable. Banks, inheritances, loans, and mortgages are areas to attend to and alter.  You may be urged to shift your role within an organization or you may have to enlist the services of such agencies (Saturn and Pluto.) Expect close relationships to come under scrutiny (Jupiter.)  Is your career fulfilling you as it should? (Neptune.)

Cancer – You are being asked to focus on your primary relationships.  Are things going as you expected? Is there a way to change the behaviour of a partner?  Do you adapt to them or they to you? Either way your will be coming to terms with what you can tolerate and what you can’t.  While this may be especially trying for you as you march towards a long-term commitment, you may also come away with a much deeper regard for the person or persons who occupy your closest relationships (Saturn and Pluto.)   Renew your focus on health and wellness (Jupiter.) What can you learn by travel and education? (Neptune.)   

Leo – Your daily life routines are being tested during this period.  Daily life routines include habits such as lifestyle, health and wellness, and how you move through your repetitive patterns.  Job changes such as a new commute or a new set of responsibilities may be thrust upon you. You may also have to come to terms with changing a habit to adopt to a healthier lifestyle.  You may also be considering a necessary procedure that you may have postponed (Saturn and Pluto.) Creativity and fun are under consideration (Jupiter.) How are you impacted by elderly relatives? (Neptune.)

Virgo – How you create and express yourself are coming under review.  You may be more involved with younger children and how you go about enjoying your time may be altering in some manner.  How do you spend time enjoying yourself? How do children enter into your world in ways that may shift? This may feel as if you are seeking to find a new method for self-expression.  The arts may call you but you need to be honest with what you can do and what potential exists within you (Saturn and Pluto.) Home and family are evolving in new ways (Jupiter.)  Is your relationship what you wanted it to be? (Neptune.)

Libra –  Your home and family will be shifting in some manner and that may require your careful review.  Is a family member moving in? Are you caring for an elderly relative? A new child arrives? The basic structure of your domestic scene is coming under review so expect to discuss and face decisions about that area of your life.  Does your house need repair? Are you moving? Is your family communicating? Something awaits that will propel this part of your life into sharper focus (Saturn and Pluto.) Exchanges with siblings and documentation are shifting (Jupiter.)  Are you focusing on health and wellness? (Neptune.)

Scorpio – Siblings, distant relatives, cousins, contracts, agreements and all forms of correspondence are under review for you during this period.  How do you communicate? Are you being heard? What types of organizational documentation needs to be reviewed? Are contracts negotiable? What role do you play in a siblings life?  How much do you say? And how do you say it? Your ability to research and pose a query are shifting as you try and delve deeper into reformation (Saturn and Pluto.) Financial holdings may require a reconsideration for the better (Jupiter.)  How are children involved in your creative life? (Neptune.)

Sagittarius – Train your focus on your finances and investment options.  Carefully revisit plans that involve your monetary trajectory.  Do you have a plan for the future? Are you investing with your conscience?  Resources are also under review as you stare out at what you have and what you need.  Decisions that you make under this time frame will have long-term impact, so a review is definitely in order.  Will your financial base cover your plans for the future? Are resources coming in or leaving? (Saturn and Pluto.)  How do you appear to the world and how are you received? (Jupiter.)  Does your family mean to you what it should? (Neptune.)

Capricorn – Your basic personality and sense of values are all under review.  You may evolve from this period with an entirely different set of morals, goals, priorities, and mission.  Like a new blossom in spring, you may be turning a vital corner in personal evolution as you come to grips with the limitations of your current makeup.  Consider this to be a wake-up call that allows you the opportunity to become more than you ever thought imaginable. What would you be and do if you knew you could?  (Saturn and Pluto.) Transition from one lifestyle to another more grounded and self-serving pattern (Jupiter.) How do your siblings aid or abet you? (Neptune.)

Aquarius – Life is at a crossroads and what was once familiar may be dissolving into a new shape.  Transition is the operative word as the challenge comes from what to keep and what to leave behind.  Tearing down the old tired ways of one life and replacing it with a bolder more meaningful way forward could be what brings you to a new place of opportunity.  A cycle has come to completion as you step over a threshold and embrace a new trajectory. What stays the same? Hat changes dramatically? (Saturn and Pluto.) Look to new groups of people with which to associate and broaden your options (Jupiter.)   Is your money doing what it should for you? (Neptune.)
Pisces – Partners, groups, business associates, team players are all reaching a point where they must change in order to evolve and serve you with purpose.  Who stays and who goes? Are you reviewing your contacts and reconsidering you past choices? Do the people with whom you work hurt or hinder you? You might reconsider your partnership with organizations.  Do you become more dominant or do you back away? What value do these associations bring to you? Are you honest in your estimation of business partners? (Saturn and Pluto.) Career plans are up for examination.  Do they serve you in the end? (Jupiter.) Are you who you thought you’d be? (Neptune.)

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