Pattie Canova – “The Red Book” by Carl Jung
Erin Sullivan – “As We Move Forward”
Susan Sarkes – “Cancer Lunar Eclipse and Capricorn Coming”
Peter Rodger – “Oh My God” – The MovieLynda Hill – “The Sabian Symbols in Astrology”
Maria DeSimone – Karmic Synastry
Joel Kaplan – The Near Death Experience
Chris Flisher – The Un-healthy Care Debate
Joyce Levine – What It Feels Like To Be A Scorpio
Donna Cunningham – Pluto and YOU
Marguerite Manning – Karma And You
Debra Clement – Anchored In Astrology
Erin Sullivan – Mercury Retrograde
A.T.Mann – Tools For Evolution
Joseph Crane – Surviving Pluto
Chris Flisher – Live Readings
Sharita – Saturn v. Uranus
Chris Flisher – Mandalas ~ Spirit In Art
Deborah Baccarro – Missing Voices
Deborah Eidson – Photographic Alchemy
Paul Laffoley – The Mystical Dimension
Erin Sullivan – Pluto Unleashed
Agneta Boorstein – Churning Process Of The Soul
Nancy Wallace – The Mystical Tarot
Michele Avanti – Lunar Eclipse Full Moon
Michele Karen – Astrology For Enlightenment Pt 1
Michele Karen -“Astrology For Enlightenment”Pt 2
Steven Forrest – Astrology of Evolution
Moshe Berlin – Astrofaces
Chris Flisher – Astrology Lives
Jodie Forrest – The Ascendant
Kim Mannine – Broken? – Mercury Retrograde
Ray Grasse – Age Of Aquarius
Laurence Hillman – Has The World Gone Mad?
Tad Mann – Reincarnation
Erin Sullivan – Deconstruction – Pluto Retrograde
Elizabeth Spring – The Node Of The Moon
Jeanne Avery – The Mask We Wear
Michael Galileo – Where Does Time Come From?
Michael Erlewine – Chinese Astrology
Henry Seltzer – Outer Planets/Inner Landscape
Erin Sullivan – Love In Reverse
Maurice Fernandez – Evolutionary Astrology
Dana Gerhardt – Venus Retrograde
Lauren Edmund – Artcharts
Erin Sullivan – Saturn Retrograde
Chris Flisher – Astrology Now
Glenn Parry – What’s Under The Hood? – Astro-psychology
Deborah Clement – Anchored In Astrology
Joni Patry – Vedic Astrology
Tristan Rimbaud – Psychic Astrology
Constance Stellas – Romance In The Stars


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