The Houses are where the planetary influence appears in our lives. Think of them as rooms or sectors of our lives where we feel the influence of the universe and the signs. They are the places where events are governed by the signs and planets. Another way to think of them is as scenes in a play.

~1~ The First House
House of Personality
Corresponds with Aries and Mars

Keywords of the First House ~ appearance, personal appearance, how one cares for his approach to life, one’s beginning of all enterprises, one’s birth, one’s character, your desires, disposition, environment, immediate (school, office, public buildings) habits, how one is seen, I am, impression one makes on others, individuality, personality, physical body, projected image (the mask and costume we wear outside our home), self-opinion, way one expresses himself, way one wants others to see him.

~2~ The Second House
House of Money
Corresponds with Taurus and Venus

Keywords associated with the Second House ~ banks, banker, budgets, cash, checks, debts, personal earning capacity, freedom, financial losses, gifts bestowed or received, income, inheritance of power, I possess, investments, material resources Or Possessions, money, negotiable assets, partner’s death, personal values, physical senses, self-worth, stockbroker, talent, wealth.

~3~ The Third House
House of Communication
Corresponds with Gemini and Mercury.

Keywords associated with the Third House ~ brothers & sisters, communication, commuting, concrete thought – the conscious mind, contracts & agreements, correspondence, intellect, intelligence journalist, journalism, journals, lungs, breathing, meetings & conferences messages, telegrams neighbors, nerves & nervous system, post office, mail, postmen, receptivity to ideas from others, secretaries, short trips, speech, studies, students, studying, teachers & teaching, tests, written and oral, trade, local transportation of all kinds, writing, writers.

~4~ The Fourth House
House of Home
Corresponds with Cancer and the Moon.

Keywords associated with the Fourth House ~ agriculture, cause of losses in speculation, cities and buildings, cousins, domestic environment, end of life, estates, father or mother-in-law, family, gain from writing or contracts, one’s grave or place of rest, home or residence, hotels or motels, land, later life conditions, leases, parent, personal activities, one’s private life, property and possessions, immovable ranches and ranchers, security and fortifications, traditions, family

~5~ The Fifth House
House of Creativity
Corresponds with Leo and the Sun.

Keywords associated with the Fifth House ~ amusement, children, birth or adopted, concerts, concert hall, courtship, creative self-expression, drama and dramatists, excitement, games, groups, bowling league, hobbies, holidays, income from real estate, love affairs’ one’s lover, love given, preachy, places of entertainment, pleasure, public schools, show business, social affairs & functions, speculation, gambling, teachers, teaching.

~6~ The Sixth House
House of Service/Work
Corresponds with Virgo.

Keywords associated with the Sixth House ~ animals, small (dog or cat) pets small or domestic, army, nannies, assimilation of food, cafes, civil service, closets, clothing, in general, co-workers, daily work or routine, doctors, nurses, dress, one’s manner of, employment, employees, health, hygiene, labor, laboring classes, libraries, nutrition, pantries, relations with co-workers, servants, service, subordinates, one’s tenants, work, work environment.

~7~ The Seventh House
House of Relationships
Corresponds with Libra and Venus.

Keywords associated with the Seventh House ~ agreements & contracts, communication, meaningful competition, controversies, cooperation or the lack- of it, courts, the divorce, fugitives, grandparents, law-suits, love, lovers, marriage, nephews, nieces, opponents, known outcome of all contentions, partnerships, marriage or business, peace, public, the relationships, one-on-one rivals, rivalry, social affairs, social functions, strife, enmities, pleas, war.

~8~ The Eighth House
House of Sex/Death
Corresponds with Scorpio and Pluto.

Keywords associated with the Eighth House ~ alimony, astral experiences, bankruptcy, corporate, death, debts, dowries, drastic changes, inheritances, insurance, matters relating to death, occult matters, outcome of lawsuits, partner’s income, recycling, regeneration, reincarnation, resources – other people’s sex, suicides, support from others, surgery, taxes, wills.

~9~ The Ninth House
House of Philosophy
Corresponds with Sagittarius and Jupiter.

Keywords associated with the Ninth House ~ advertising, airline hostesses, attorneys, lawyers, ceremonies, churches, church affairs, ministers, courts of law, dreams, foreigners, anything that is foreign, foreign politics, freedom, grandchildren, higher education & universities, hips, upper legs, sciatic nerves, ideals, in-laws, journeys, literature, litigation, metaphysics, places at a distance, publishing, religion, philosophy, science, in general, travel, rents, truth.

~10~ The Tenth House
House of Career
Corresponds with Capricorn and Saturn.

Keywords associated with the Tenth House ~ achievement, advancement, ambitious persons, authority figures, business, career or profession, dishonor, employers, esteem, fame, famous people, government, illness of one’s children, leaders, leadership, matters outside the home, ones moral qualities, one’s position in the world, parents, politics, politicians, prestige, honors, popularity, pride, promotions, reputation, responsibilities & duty, social status.

~11~ The Eleventh House
House of Associations
Corresponds with Aquarius and Uranus.

Keywords associated with the Eleventh House ~ business income, civic organizations, congress or the House of Representatives, colleagues, companies, contacts, counselors, death of parents (also 5th), expectations, finances of one’s employer, friends & acquaintances, groups, hopes, wishes, goals, legacies, memberships, money from one’s profession, one’s fourth child, one’s ideas of happiness, organizations, projects, ambitions, sons, daughters-in-law, sororities, fraternities, stepchildren.

~12~ The Twelfth House
House of Transformation
Corresponds with Pisces and Neptune.

Keywords associated with the Twelfth House ~ animals, aunts, uncles, confinement, help from behind the scenes, hospitals & other places of confinement, institutions, meditation, occupations of brothers & sisters, private investigators, rest homes, retirement, sanctuaries, sea, seamen, seclusion, loneliness, self-analysis, self-undoing, solitude, places of solitude, sorrows, secret sorrows, study, subconscious, thieves, welfare, secrets, secret enemies.


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