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“Merchants of Light” with Dr. Betty Kovacs 9/4/2020
“Reconsiderations ~ Mars Retrograde” with Debra Clement 8/7/2020
“Cardinal Climax” with Theodore White” 7/31/2020
“The 2020 Election ` What Happens with Mitchell Lewis” 7/24/2020
“What Can The Akashic Records Teach Us?” 7/17/2020
“Therapeutic Planets” with Greg Bogart 7/2/2020
“It’s About Time!” with Michael Galileo 6/19/2020
“Quantum Science of Psychedelics” with Carl Johan Calleman 6/12/2020
“The Changing of the Nodes” with Agneta Borstein 6/5/2020
“The Venus Star Point” 5/29/2020
“2020 Eclipse Season” with Ronnie Dreyer 5/22/2020
“Cards of Your Destiny” with Mary Anne Costerella 5/15/2020
“Venus Retrograde ~ Reconsiderations” with Arielle Guttman 5/8/2020
“Symbols for a Time of Despair” with Lynda Hill 5/1/2020
“Retrograde Parade with Susie Cox” 4/24/2020
“Say Yes To Life” 4/17/2020
“Numbering” with Daniel Hardt 4/10/2020
“Taking Stock” with Mitchell Lewis 4/3/2020
“Collective Responsibility ~ Saturn in Aquarius” with Erin Sullivan 3/27/2020
“Turn To The Light with Michael Lutin” 3/20/2020
“Pearls of Tomorrow with Wendy Stacey” 3/13/2020
“Thereus ~ The Hunter-Stalker Asteroid” 3/6/2020
“Songs of the Spheres with Becca Tarnas” 2/28/2020
“Ancestral Healing with A.T. Mann” 2/21/2020
“Contemporary Astrology with Louise Edington” 2/14/2020
“The Wonder of You: Near Death Experiences” 2/7/2020
“Aspects in Astrology” 1/31/2020
“The Tarot Tells” with Edward Mesmer 1/24/2020
“Vedic Astrology for Beginners” with Pamela McDonough 1/17/2020
“2020 ~ Eclipses” with Dietrech Pessin 1/10/2020


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