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“Gazing Back, Gazing Forward” with Mitchell Lewis 12/20/2019

“The Times They Are A Changin'” with Susie Cox 12/13/2019

“Jupiter, Capricorn and Beyond with Joyce Levine 12/06/2019

“2020 ~ The Numbers” with Michael John Fierro 11/22/2019

“Making Cosmic Sense of the Asteroids” with Marguerite Manning 11/15/2019

“To Know Is To Flow” with A.T. Mann 11/01/2019

“Evangeline Adams ~ Astrology Pioneer” with Karen Christino 10/25/2019

“The Uranian Method” with Madalyn Hillis-Dineen 10/18/2019

“Impeachment and The Markets” with Mitchell Lewis 10/11/2019

“What Do We Do Now? with Michael Lutin” 9/27/2019

“Rectifying the Work of Marc Edmund Jones” 9/20/2019

“The Rise of the Feminine” with Laurence Hillman 9/13/2019

“Will You Still Need Me? Will You Still Feed Me?” with Erin Sullivan 9/6/2019

“Saturn/Neptune and the Law of Attraction with Benjamin Bernstein” 8/30/2019

“The Venus Cazimi with Arielle Guttman” 8/16/2019

“Chart Rulerships” 7/26/2019

“Running the Numbers with Michael John Fierro” 7/5/2019

“The Turning Point with Ray Grasse” 6/28/2019

“Enter the Dragon ~ Saros Cycle with Gemini Brett” 6/21/2019

“Big Confusion ~ Jupiter Square Neptune with Mitchell Lewis” 6/14/2019

“The Great Collape with Michael Lutin” 5/31/2019

“The Human Design System” 5/17/2019

“Long, Hot Summer ~ Retrograde Season with Mitchell Lewis” 5/10/2019

“Astrology for the Third Act of Life with Elizabeth Spring” 4/19/2019

“Jupiter/Saturn in Aquarius with Lesley Francis” 4/12/2019
“Beginning and Ending Planets with Lynn Koiner” 4/5/2019

“The Chakras” 3/29/2019

“Financial Times with Mitchell Lewis” 3/22/2019

“Dynamic Narrative Astrology with A.T. Mann” 3/15/2019

“A Time of Reckoning with Eric Meyers” 3/8/2019
“C-O-L-O-R with Betsy Karp” 2/22/2019

“50 Years Ago ~ Chiron in Aries with Elisabeth Grace” 2/15/2019
“A Change is Gonna Come with Erin Sullivan” 2/8/2019





“Aspects to America’s Chart with Mitchell Lewis” 2/1/2019
“The Ascendant ~ What We Project with Jodie Forrest” 1/25/2019

“Pondering the Logic of Astrology with Bruce Scofield”” 1/18/2019
“Astrological Highlights of 2019 with Arielle Guttman”” 1/11/2019


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