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“Running the Numbers ~ 2019 and Beyond”” 12/7/2018
“Talking with The Leo King”” 11/30/2018
“Chiron’s Calling with Michael Lutin”” 11/23/2018
“Jupiter in Sagittarius with Jackie Slevin” 11/9/2018
“Dreams ~ Our Subconscious Guide with Layne Dalfen” 10/26/2018

“The Near Death Experience with Nancy Rynes” 10/19/2018

“Psyche and Singularity with Timothy Desmond” 10/12/2018

“The Financial Horizon ~ Boom or Bust? with Mitchell Lewis” 10/5/2018
“The Magic of Eidetic Imagery with Wendy Yellen” 9/28/2018
“Saturn Turns Direct” 9/21/2018
“The Kabbalah and Astrology” 9/7/2018

“Botanical Magic” with Amy Blackthorn 8/31/2018

“The New Astrology with Suzanne White” 8/24/2018

“Karma and the Twelfth House with Marguerite Manning” 8/10/2018
“Twins: Astrology Tested with Suzanne Keating” 8/3/2018
“The Psychic Realm with Katherine Glass” 7/27/2018
“When Astrology Met the Computer with Michael Erlewine” 7/20/2018
“The Cosmic Gyroscope with Michael Elliot” 7/13/2018
“Rambling with Caroline Casey” 7/6/2018

“Talkin’ Pluto Blues with A.T. Mann” 6/29/2018
“The Astrology Code with Michael Bergen” 6/22/2018
“Infinite Possibility with Katherine Jegede” 6/15/2018

“The Slow Arc of Time with Ray Grasse” 6/8/2018

“The Saturn Blues” 6/1/2018
“Crystal Gridwork” 5/25/2018
“Running The Numbers” with Sharita Star 5/18/2018
“Chiron in Aries” with Rose Marcus 5/11/2018
“The Lunar Gospel” with Cal Garrison 5/4/2018
“Extraordinary Relationships” with Diane Lawson 4/27/2018
“These Voices Will Be Heard” with Joyce Levine 4/20/2018
“Breathe Deep” with Danny Penman 4/13/2018

“From Hopelessness to Commitment” with Michael Lutin 4/6/2018
“Playing Nicely With Others” with Matthew Curry 3/30/2018
“Planetary War ~ Mars Conjunct Saturn” with Alan Annan 3/24/2018
“On The Looming Horizon” with Arielle Guttman 3/16/2018

“Sequentiality ~ Timing Is Everything” with John Vespasian 3/9/2018
“How to Interpret? Vedic or Western” with Robert Currey 3/2/2018
“Backing Into Astrology” with Joseph Crane 2/22/2018
“Lunar Nomad Oracle” with Shaheen Miro 2/16/2018

“Neptune in Pisces” with A.T. Mann (archived replay) 2/9/2018
“Hang On World” with Dr. Michael Lennox 2/2/2018
“Stop Talking About Planets” with Elisabeth Grace 1/26/2018
“The Transit of Pluto” with Alan Oken 1/19/2018
“Surviving Pluto” with Joseph Crane 1/12/2018
“Sacred Architecture”” with A.T. Mann (archived replay) 1/5/2018


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