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“2017 Eclipses” with Agneta Borstein 12/30/2016
“The End of the Year As We Know It” with Michael Lutin 12/23/2016
“Election Debriefing” with Dorothy Oja 12/16/2016
“Psycho-Cybernetics” with Mitch Horowitz 12/9/2016
“Neptune ~ Friend or Foe?” with Steven Forrest 11/25/2016
“Now What?” with A.T. Mann 11/18/2016
“Remembrance of a Genius ~ Paul Laffoley” 10/21/2016
“Karma Can Be A Real Pain” with Joanne Dimaggio 10/14/2016
“The Five Elements” with Dondi Dahlin 10/7/2016
“Humor in the Horoscope” with Frank C. Clifford 9/30/2016
“The Ascension Mysteries” with David Wilcock 9/16/2016
“What Ails You? ~ Medical Astrology with Mitch Lewis 9/9/2016
“The Economics of Happiness” with Amit Goswami 9/2/2016
“Who Done It? ~ Forensic Astrology 8/26/2016
“Left or Right” with Bruce Scofield 8/19/2016
“What Say The Symbols?” with Lynda Hill 8/12/2016
“Duty or Delusion?” 8/5/2016
“On The Topic of Eclipses” 7/29/2016
“The Solar Return” 7/22/2016
“Can Astrology Predict? with A.T. Mann” 7/8/2016
“Character and Calling” 7/1/2016
“Reincarnation” 6/24/2016
“Saturn, Neptune and the US Economy” with Mitchell Lewis 6/17/2016
“Forensic Astrology” with B.D. Salerno 5/27/2016
“How Does It Add Up?” with Felicia Bender 5/20/2016
“Mars Retrograde” with Arielle Guttman 5/13/2016
“The Bard & The Stars ~ Shakespeare & Astrology” with Priscilla Costello 4/22/2016
“Near Death Experience” with Joel Kaplan 4/15/2016
“Primary Directions in the USA” with Kenneth Bowser 4/8/2016
“The Power of Positive Thinking” with Mitch Horowitz 4/1/2016
“Why Can’t I Meditate?” with Nigel Wellings 3/25/2016
“A Radical Departure” with Joseph Crane 3/18/2016
“The Opposition Condition” with Glenn Perry 3/11/2016
“Astrology Awakening” with Eric Meyers 3/4/2016
“Astroeconomics” with Grace K. Morris 2/26/2016
“Reclaiming Magic” with Lee Milteer 2/19/2016
“The Astrology of the Moment” with Geoffrey Cornelius 2/12/2016
“Limits To Logic” with Kate Petty 2/5/2016
“Wired To Connect” with Amy Banks 1/29/2016
“Astrology As Philosophy” with Ray Grasse 1/22/2016
“A Vedic Discussion” with Komilla Sutton 1/15/2016
“iGOD” The Movie with Rashmi Khilnani 1/8/2016


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