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“To Cast A Spell” with Judika Illes 12/31/2015
“The Secret Teachers of the Western World” with Gary Lachman 12/18/2015
“Miraculous Silence” with Mitra Rahbar 12/11/2015
“Saturn Square Neptune” with Erin Sullivan & Michael Lutin 12/04/2015
“Saturn’s Role” with Erin Sullivan 11/27/2015
“The Tao of Happiness” with Derek Lin 11/20/2015
“Evolving Through Astrology” with Deva Green 11/13/2015
“The Age of Aquarius” with Adrian Duncan 11/06/2015
“Honoring Your Sun” with Frank C Clifford 10/30/2015
“The Nodal Axis” with Mark Jones 10/23/2015
“Karmic Dates & Momentary Mates” with Jessica Shepherd 10/16/2015
“The Astrology of Financial Trends” with Bill Meridian 10/9/2015
“The Coincidence of Everyday Events” with Elisabeth Grace 9/4/2015
“Financial Collapse” with Mitchell Lewis 8/28/2015
“The Astrology of Complex Times” with Armand Diaz 8/21/2015
“The Roots of Astrology” with guest Chris Brennan 8/14/2015
“Practical, Spiritual Astrology with Selina Maitreya” 8/7/2015
“Medi-Signs ~ The Astrology of Medicine with Diane Cramer” 7/31/2015
“Love Is Blind ~ Venus Retrograde with Arielle Guttman” 7/24/2015
“Before The Deluge with Michael St. Clair” 7/17/2015
“The Cosmic Watch” 7/3/2015
“The Year 2020” with Michael Fierro 6/12/2015
“Chiron ~ The Wounded Healer” with Lynn Bell 6/5/2015
“Hexagon Astrology Magazine” with Matt Savinar 5/29/2015
“Ayahusca ~ What’s It All About?” with Rak Razam 5/22/2015
“Jeff Jawer ~ December 2014” A Final Interview with the Great Astrologer 5/15/2015
“The Holistic Tarot” with Benebell Wen 5/15/2015
“The Antiscia” with Kate Petty 5/8/2015
“The Cards of Destiny” with Mary Anne Costerella 5/1/2015
“The Astrological Tarot” with A.T. Mann 4/24/2015
“$$$ with Mitchell Scott Lewis” 4/17/2015
“Vedic Astrology ~ How It Works” with Joni Patry 4/10/2015
“D.I.Y. Magic” 4/3/2015
“The Yod” with Maurice Fernandez 3/27/2015
“Pluto – Astronomy, Astrology, Mythology” with Richard Grossinger 3/20/2015
“Game-changing Eclipses of 2015” with Ronnie Dreyer 3/13/2015
“Astrology and Carl Jung” with Erin Sullivan 3/6/2015
“Neptune In Pisces” with Michael Lutin 2/20/2015
“Eclipses Are On The Way” with The Leo King, David Lawrence Palmer 2/13/2015
“The Cosmic Mind” with Julija Simas 2/6/2015
“Astrological Progressions” with Janet Booth 1/30/2015
“He Says/She Says” with Chris Flisher and Debra Clement 1/23/2015
“Time and Motion” with Galileo 1/16/2015
“Synchronicity ~ Time and Effect” with Ray Grasse 1/9/2015
“Noel Tyl ~ Conversations with a Master 1/2/2015


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